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The Journal of Infectious Diseases
2. DNA Vaccines Encoding Ebolavirus and Marburgvirus Wild Type Glycoproteins are Safe and Immunogenic in a Phase I Clinical Trial
Uzma N. Sarwar, Pamela Costner, Mary E. Enama, et al.
14 September 2014, Advance Access
3. A Practical Treatment for Patients with Ebola Virus Disease
David S. Fedson
25 August 2014; Advance Access
4. Reply to Fedson
Anita K. McElroy and Christina F Spiropoulou
25 August 2014; Advance Access
5. Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever: Novel Biomarker Correlates of Clinical Outcome
Anita K. McElroy, Bobbie R. Erickson, Timothy D. Flietstra, et al.
15 August 2014; 210 (4): 558 - 566
6. Interferon-β Therapy Prolongs Survival in Rhesus Macaque Models of Ebola and Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever
Lauren M. Smith, Lisa E. Hensley, Thomas W. Geisbert, et al.
15 July 2013; 208 (2): 310 - 318
7. A Syrian Golden Hamster Model Recapitulating Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever
Hideki Ebihara, Marko Zivcec, Donald Gardner, et al.
15 January 2013; 207 (2): 306 - 318
8. Reston ebolavirus in Humans and Animals in the Philippines: A Review
Mary Elizabeth G. Miranda and Noel Lee J. Miranda
1 November 2011; 204: S757 - S760
9. Management of Accidental Exposure to Ebola Virus in the Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory, Hamburg, Germany
Stephan Gunther, Heinz Feldmann, Thomas W. Geisbert, et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S785 - S790
10. Ebola Reston Virus Infection of Pigs: Clinical Significance and Transmission Potential
Glenn A. Marsh, Jessica Haining, Rachel Robinson, et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S804 - S809
11. Basic Clinical and Laboratory Features of Filoviral Hemorrhagic Fever
Mark G. Kortepeter, Daniel G. Bausch, and Mike Bray
1 November 2011; 204: S810 - S816
12. Characterization of Filovirus Protein–Protein Interactions in Mammalian Cells Using Bimolecular Complementation
Yuliang Liu, Sasha Stone, and Ronald N. Harty
1 November 2011; 204: S817 - S824
13. Comparative Analysis of Ebola Virus Glycoprotein Interactions With Human and Bat Cells
Annika Kuhl, Markus Hoffmann, Marcel A. Muller, et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S840 - S849
14. DRBP76 Associates With Ebola Virus VP35 and Suppresses Viral Polymerase Function
Reed S. Shabman, Daisy W. Leung, Joshua Johnson, et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S911 - S918
15. Real-time Monitoring of Cardiovascular Function in Rhesus Macaques Infected With Zaire ebolavirus
Mark G. Kortepeter, James V. Lawler, Anna Honko et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S1000 - S1010
16. The Importance of the NP: VP35 Ratio in Ebola Virus Nucleocapsid Formation
Takeshi Noda, Larissa Kolesnikova, Stephan Becker, et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S878 - S883
17. Role of VP30 Phosphorylation in the Ebola Virus Replication Cycle
Miguel J. Martinez, Valentina A. Volchkova, Herve Raoul, et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S934 - S940
18. Ebola Virus Failure to Stimulate Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Interferon Responses Correlates With Impaired Cellular Entry
Lawrence W. Leung, Osvaldo Martinez, Olivier Reynard, et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S973 - S977
19. Filovirus Infection of STAT-1 Knockout Mice
JoLynne Raymond, Steven Bradfute, and Mike Bray
1 November 2011; 204: S986 - S990
20. Host Response Dynamics Following Lethal Infection of Rhesus Macaques With Zaire ebolavirus
Hideki Ebihara, Barry Rockx, Andrea Marzi, et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S991 - S999
21. VP24 Is a Molecular Determinant of Ebola Virus Virulence in Guinea Pigs
Mathieu Mateo, Caroline Carbonnelle, Olivier Reynard, et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S1011 - S1020
22. Kunjin Virus Replicon-Based Vaccines Expressing Ebola Virus Glycoprotein GP Protect the Guinea Pig Against Lethal Ebola Virus Infection
O. Reynard, V. Mokhonov, E. Mokhonova, J. Leung, et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S1060 - S1065
23. Emergence of Divergent Zaire Ebola Virus Strains in Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2007 and 2008
Gilda Grard, Roman Biek, Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum, et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S776 - S784
24. Impact of Ebola Mucin-Like Domain on Antiglycoprotein Antibody Responses Induced by Ebola Virus-Like Particles
Osvaldo Martinez, Lee Tantral, Nirupama Mulherkar, et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S825 - S83
26. Contribution of Sec61? to the Life Cycle of Ebola Virus
Ayaka Iwasa, Peter Halfmann, Takeshi Noda, et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S919 - S926
27. Antibody-Dependent Enhancement of Marburg Virus Infection
Eri Nakayama, Daisuke Tomabechi, Keita Matsuno, et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S978 - S985
28. Ebola Virus as a Foodborne Pathogen? Cause for Consideration, but Not Panic
Daniel G. Bausch
15 July 2011; 204 (2): 179 - 181
29. Therapeutics of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever: Whole-Genome Transcriptional Analysis of Successful Disease Mitigation
Judy Y. Yen, Sara Garamszegi, Joan B. Geisbert, et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S1043 - S1052
30. Therapeutics of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever: Whole-Genome Transcriptional Analysis of Successful Disease Mitigation
Judy Y. Yen, Sara Garamszegi, Joan B. Geisbert, et al.
1 November 2011; 204: S1043 - S1052
Clinical Infectious Diseases
31. Complex Correlates of Protection After Vaccination
Stanley A. Plotkin
15 May 2013; 56 (10): 1458 - 1465.

Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene
33. A limited outbreak of Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Etoumbi, Republic of Congo, 2005
Dieudonne Nkoghea,b, Mamadou Lamine Konec, Adamou Yadad, and Eric Leroya
2011; 105 (8): 466-472
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
34. The clinically approved drugs amiodarone, dronedarone and verapamil inhibit filovirus cell entry
Gerrit Gehring, Katrin Rohrmann, Nkacheh Atenchong, et, al.
2014; 69 (8): 2123-2131
35. Glycodendritic structures: promising new antiviral drugs
Javier Rojo and Rafael Delgado
September 2004; 54 (3): 579-581
36. In-vivo activity of antivirals against exotic RNA viral infections
Peter G. Canonico, Meir Kende, Bruno J. Luscri, and John W. Huggins
1984; 14: S27-S41
37. Treatment of AG129 mice with antisense morpholino oligomers increases survival time following challenge with dengue 2 virus
David A. Stein1, Claire Y.-H. Huang, Shawn Silengo, et. al.
2008; 62 (3): 555-565
Health Policy and Planning
41. Can the health system deliver? Determinants of rural Liberians’ confidence in health care
Theodore Svoronos, Rose Jallah Macauley and Margaret E. Kruk
27 July 2014
Journal of Tropical Pediatrics
42. Konzo Outbreak, in the South?west of the Democratic Republic of Congo, 1996
I. Bonmarin, M. Nunga, and W. A. Perea
2002; 48 (4): 234-238
Journal of Public Health
Oxford Medicine Online
44. A Focus On: Ebola
Alexander van Tulleken
45. Filoviruses
J. ter Meulen
47. Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers
From OSH Manual of Childhood Infections: The Blue Book
48. Emerging and re-emerging infections
From Oxford Textbook of Public Health
David L. Heymann
Oxford Reference
49. Ebola
From Encyclopedia of Africa
Ari Nave
50. Ebola fever
From A Dictionary of Public Health
Oxford Public International Law
51. World Health Organization
From Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law
Yves Beigbede
Oxford Bibliographies
52. History of Public Health
L. Fleming Fallon
53. The Ebola virus and the spread of pandemics
Peter C. Doherty
April 30th, 2014
54. How threatened are we by the Ebola virus?
Peter C. Doherty
August 5th, 2014
55. Ethical issues in managing the current Ebola crisis
Leslie Francis
August 14th, 2014
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